Dr. Tracy Swanson


Dr. Tracy Swanson is originally from southeast Indiana but has traveled around the midwest. She completed veterinary school at the University of Missouri and graduated in 2019. From there she spent 2 years practicing in Charlotte, North Carolina completing a rotating small animal medicine internship (2019-2020) and a specialty internship in companion exotic animals (2020-2021).

She most recently completed a second specialty internship in raptor rehabilitation at The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota (2021-2022), where she rehabilitated injured native birds of prey throughout Minnesota. She is passionate about well-rounded veterinary care that focuses on the medical, nutritional, and husbandry-related aspects of animal health, with a primary focus on non-traditional pets such as birds, rabbits, small mammals, and reptiles. She has two dogs (a husky mix and a Plott hound mix), one leopard gecko, and one speckled kingsnake. In her free time, you will find her creating enrichment for her reptiles, gardening, drawing, painting, and hiking with her husband and dogs.