Joy Cooper

Veterinary Nurse/Client Service Representative

Joy joined Camden Pet Hospital in August 2021. So far she is enjoying working here as its both similar and different from her previous job at another vet clinic. She’s learned many new things and enjoys working with her team here! She’s had lots of animal experience! She grew up with cats, dogs and reptiles as well as volunteered at the MN Zoo and various farm/animal sanctuaries. The horse sanctuary she volunteered at was one of her favorites, she loves horses! At home with her parents she has 2 cats named Thor and Pepper as well as a dog names Loki. Most of the time she lives with her roommates and they have a cat names Kion, a corn snake named Kaz, a frog named Yugi and a tarantula named Tristan! Quite the menagerie! In her free time, she loves to watch TV with friends, Riverdale is a current favorite. She also loves to write, read fantasy books, and draw a bit. She’s also a lover of naps!